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01/02/2016 20:38

In the frames of the community-volunteering project on 27 September a trip to the places of Battle Glories of Voronezh region took place, it was organized to collect the information for our museum and for our brochure “History of the Jews of the Voronezh region”.
This event was organized in collaboration with the region administration. There were about 40 people at this event.

The participants of this event have visited the Memorial, erected in the village of Military Valor of Korotoak from Ostrogozhskii area in memory of the dead soldiers during the heroic defence of Korotoakskii bridgehead. In the beginning of July 1942, the Soviet soldiers and militia have managed to hold up for a long period of time the Nazi troops rushing to Korotoakskii Crossing and have not let them cross the River Don. As a result, it was saved from the occupation the left bank of the city Voronezh, and moreover, the invaders could not deploy the additional forces under Stalingrad.

The representatives of the Jewish and Ukrainian diasporas laid the commemorative wreaths in the Memorial.

поездка по местам боевой славы Воронежской обл