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01/02/2016 20:44

The volunteers- are very creative people, who invent different interesting methods to help to the whole world, very often they even use nonstandard methods for it. Not long ago, it was organized the international Autoquest “Memory of Generations» in the frames of the youth-volunteering project.

For a long time the volunteers have studied the material about their city, after that they decided to plan the route the autoquest would take place, also they have written the legend, thanks to which the participants easily moved around the city.
In addition to the adults, to our surprise, and young people, from different communities, took part in the autoquest, among whom were Ukrainian, Chechen, Turkmen, Armenian and Azerbaijan representatives.
Autoquest “Memory of Generations» helped to remind those who had forgotten the historical membership of their own nationality, and for the beginners it helped to get known it.