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08/10/2018 13:38

On April 5, 2017, Voronezh volunteers held 4 actions on the Good Deeds Day! They collected the “Social Basket” in the synagogue – 10 sacks of children’s clothing for families at risk. The volunteers organized a special event, published announcements, personally invited everyone, and then collected, sorted and distributed clothes. They also assisted at the City Library No. 32 named after G. N Troepolsky. The volunteers arranged an exposition, transplanted flowers, washed the ceiling lights and dusted. One of the groups of volunteers organized a concert in the rehabilitation center for people who had survived a stroke. The first event within the context of the new program “Social Taxi” was a pleasant end to the Good Deeds Day. The volunteers – participants of the “Social Taxi” program delivered matzah to elderly people on the eve of the Pesach holiday.

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