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01/02/2016 20:43

In the municipal Exhibition Hall on 8 April, it was the opening of the exhibition, organized by VIVT, the Regional Centre of Oral History, and by the foreign partners — the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Russia, the Memorial Complex of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, the German Academic Exchange service with the support of the Voronezh Jewish community.
There were two not big expositions at the exhibition: “Soviet prisoners of war in Norway” and “Nazi death camp Auschwitz and concentration camp”. The volunteers of our community took an active part in the organization of this exhibition.

выставка 8 апреля 15

The visitors of the exhibition got known about the contents of the exhibition: the conditions of life of the Soviet prisoners of the war in Norway, and on the territory of the camp “Auschwitz” during the World War II.
Charts and comments showed how the Nazis destroyed the representatives of Jewish, Gypsy , Russian, and Polish people.