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01/02/2016 20:39

In Voronezh community on 11 October, it was organized, by the volunteers, an interesting event “ Marshak to Children “ for children and their parents. There were about 60 people at this event. To participate in this event there came not only Jewish families, but also the families of Korean, Ukrainian, and Chechen diasporas.

The participants got known the bibliography and the works of S. Marshak. The children with great pleasure recited the poems and tales of this wonderful writer. The adults did not lag behind from the children, they also remembered children’s works of this poet: “Baggage”, “The House that Jack built”, “Master-Breaker».

Divided into groups, the children together with their parents have painted the posters to works of S. Marshak: “The Tale About Silly Mouse, “ A Hilarious Account “,” Teremok “,” What An Absent-minded Man”, and then the team presented the posters on the stage in front of the public.
Traditionally, the celebration ended with children’s songs and Jewish dances.

у дома Маршака в Острогожске