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01/02/2016 20:40

From 20 April to 8 May, the volunteer action “Thank You For Victory ” took place. The Volunteers, in the run-up to the celebration of the 70-th Anniversary of the Victory in World War II , honored the participants in those great heroic events. The number of the volunteers who wanted to congratulate the most decent members of our community-our veterans-was so great that, unfortunately, not everybody was able to take part in the congratulations.
Visiting the Veterans, the young generation of the Jews from Voronezh, represented their warm congratulations concerning the upcoming Victory Day, they expressed to our older generation their gratitude for the confidence in the future and an opportunity to raise the children in peace, wishes for good health!
And every veteran has received a small memorable gift .

круглый стол к 9 мая 15

Also the volunteers took an active part in the celebrations regarding to the “Immortal Regiment” and they improved their city by planting the trees, dedicated to the 70-th Anniversary of the Victory.

посадка деревьев