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29/02/2016 21:32

Within the volunteer project “While We Remember the Past, We Have the Future” on February 11, 2016, Irina Rebrova, the employee of the Center of studying of anti-Semitism at Technical University of Berlin, has visited Voronezh. Her visit has been organized by the Regional center of studying of the oral history together with the volunteers of the Voronezh Jewish community.
Our guest, first of all, has visited the Voronezh Synagogue, with genuine interest has examined the restored building and has got acquainted with an exposition of our museum of the Jewish history and the Holocaust, has communicated to the volunteers of the community who are engaged in this subject.
Further, in the conference room of the Voronezh Institute of High Technologies, Irina has given very interesting and informative lecture on the subject of her scientific activity, after which the round table has taken place, in which the representatives of the Jewish community, the staff of the Center of Studying of Oral History, employees of MBUK TsVPV “Museum Diorama” and the regional library of I.S. Nikitin, students and teachers of VGPU and ВIВТ, seniors students and the teachers of several Voronezh schools have taken part.
The Jewish community has exchanged contacts with Irina, we have agreed not to lose our touch and further to exchange interesting scientific information on the Holocaust and anti-Semitism topics.

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